The Rev'd Andrew Wilson, Rector

As you get to know me, you will eventually find out I spent twenty years as an engineer in the automotive business. This will be immediately followed by the question,

“Why the change?”

Because I found something far, far better living my life wholly in Jesus.

Becausemy life is more fulfilling, more rich in what matters. Because it is far more intellectually challenging and encourages rational exploration of who we are and how things work – there is room for science and theology, ask Sir Isaac Newton. At St John’s, I found a place where I could serve so many people.

  • Youth activities
  • Partnered with Mill Street ES with a homework club and other help
  • Messy Church (new!)
  • Retirement home visits and worship services
  • The hospital and hospice
  • Other churches work together
  • We feed around one-hundred people per week
  • We clothe nearly one-hundred per month. We now offer professional attire
  • Meaningful worship with challenging and timely sermons
  • After service community that refuses to end, always with coffee, tea and snacks
  • An ear to listen, a heart to care whether it is from stress or loss
  • Education beginning with the Bible


Need I go on? We are always finding new ways to serve others, you will need to look at our ‘news’ section to see the goings on. Please do not hesitate to call me on my cell 519-324-2478 or email me through our office for a slower but guaranteed response.

A bit about me: My wife and I are both from the Niagara region, but I do have family roots in Leamington. Four kids and a dog: I love food (this is the perfect area), science (I wore a path to Detroit) and rock and roll (the edgy kind). I am always seeking to learn something new, whether it is about God, technology, but most especially about you.

Andrew+ Rector of St Johns and your Pastor

BASci MDiv (Hons) Peng

Andrew+ leading story time at Messy Church


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