A.C.W. (Anglican Church Women) - have apple, rhubarb, raisin and cherry pies for $10.00 each.  Pie shells are $1.50 each.

Vases - The Flower Delivery team is in need of flower vases.  Please speak to Carol Crosby for more information.

Baptism, Confirmation or Reception?

Considering any of the above?  See Andrew+ or Deacon Deborah.


Pasta Dinner:  Requires 4 volunteers for clean up

Summer Sunday Coffee Hour: Volunteers needed.  You make coffee/tea, cookies are provided.  Sign up sheet on the secretary's door, or call Loretta Dick at 519-733-0601.

Messy Church: Please see the sign up sheet on the Secretary's door, or contact Shannon Bonham

Messy Church ~ is taking a break until the fall.  

Takes place Friday evenings from 5 - 7 pm. Family event. We will share in music, crafts/games, dinner and our faith.

If you would like to volunteer, please sign the sheet on the Secretary's door.  Questions, please contact Shannon Bonham.


If you have a few hours to spare, please join us at the Mennonite Thrift Store every Thursday morning, or join us at the Crafters Tuesday afternoons here at St. John's.  Learn to join the loops or even to crochet.  We are currently making large mats, suitable for camping, under sleeping bags or for the beach, also shopping bags and throw rugs.  Please SAVE your MILK BAGS and place them in the box across from the Secretary's office.  More information, contact Kathy Harnedek through the church office 519-326-3111.

Flowers for the Altar

A gift to God and their freshness and transience mark time.  A gift between $15 to $30 ensure that creation and beauty can be seen and passed then to our shut-ins.  Many dates are available, please sign the sheet at the back of the church or contact Karen Wilson.


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