Ministries and Activities

Congregational life is expressed through worship and also through ministry and the other faithful activities that we undertake as a congregation.  Below you will find listed some of the ministries and activities that you can be involved with at St. John's.

Coffee Hour

Following the Sunday service everyone is invited for a time of fellowship and refreshment in the lower hall.  You can enjoy a cup of coffee, some goodies and some conversation every Sunday morning.  All you have to do is show up.

Sunday School

This is a group of children that ranges in age from 2 - 15 that gathers together during the middle of the 10:30 am Sunday service to learn and grow in the faith.  They are taught by our devoted Sunday School teachers using a bible based curriculum that matches the readings that are used during the service. 

Bible Study

Every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am we gather to listen more carefully to God's word and to share in a time of fellowship and learning the faith.  Our conversation begins with a specific scripture passage and broadens out to include the immediate realities of life.  It is a conversation in which laughter and joy have a regular and important role.  Come out and explore your faith and make sure you bring your sense of humour with you.


The choir gathers to lead the congregation in singing God's praises every Sunday morning.  This group enjoys singing together and also socialising together.  They are a friendly bunch of people who practice on Thursday evenings and before church on Sunday mornings.  To join in, speak to John Tofflemire the Choir Director and Organist.


This group of people of all ages assist with our worship services by providing leadership on Sunday morning.  The servers wear robes, lead the choir and sacred ministers in procession, take up the offering, and assist in setting the Altar for communion.  To become a server, speak to the Rector and training will be provided.

Readers and Intercessors

This is another group of people of all ages who provide leadership on Sunday mornings by reading the lessons and leading the congregation in prayer.  To become a reader or intercessor please speak to the Rector.

ACW (Anglican Church Women)

This lively group of ladies gather to make pies, support the church, sponsor foster children, reach out to the community, and take care of one another.  All females no matter what age are welcome to be a part of this very active group.

Caring Cooks

At any given time, some people in the church or community are grieving, or dealing with a sick loved one, or have moved, or have welcomed a new family member.  Sometimes when life is busy it can be hard to put a good, healthy meal together.  This is where the Caring Cooks come in.  They put together homemade meals, freeze them, and then deliver them to people that would appreciate a break from cooking.

Caring Fellowship

This dedicated crew organises many activities in the life of the parish from breakfasts for the 8:30 am congregation to meals for whole community on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving.  To help out, just speak with the Rector.

Humphreys Outreach Committee

This is a group that meets twice a year to disperse the proceeds from a generous trust fund to organisations and ministries that care for the people of the local, national and global community.  Recently we have supported the local Salvation Army food bank, Hospice of Windsor/Essex, Leamington Goodfellows, LAERC, Canadian Red Cross - Fort McMurray Fires, Operation Eyesight, Maryvale, South Shore Health Centre, and others.  Through this financial support, the people of St. John's are able to live out our calling to love our neighbours as ourselves.


Making Christmas Cookies

2016 Christmas Parade Float

After church coffee hour in Hillier Hall.

The Parish Picnic. 

Some of the bible study members getting ready on Wednesday morning. 

Hot Chocolate & Cookies


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