Service Times


8:30 am    Said Holy Communion

                (Book of Common Prayer)

10:30 am  Sung Holy Eucharist with Sunday School

                (Book of Alternative Services)


9:15 am    Said Holy Communion

The Church

Address:  60 Erie St. N., Leamington, ON  

(Air Conditioned and Wheelchair accessible)

Phone:  519-326-3111

Email:    Church Email

Office Hours:  Monday to Friday 9 am - Noon

Rector's Drop-in Hours:  Monday 9 am  - 12 pm, or by appointment


Scent-free Policy

A gentle reminder:  St. John's is a scent-free environment.  This includes all areas.  For the health and consideration of other parishioners who attend this place of worship, please try to refrain using perfume/cologne and other scented beauty products.  Thank you for your compassion.

St. John's was founded to provide an opportunity for people of the Leamington area to grow in their faith and develop their relationship with God.   This remains the heart and soul of our common life in Christ.  We worship together and sing God's praises.  We share in fellowship, building one another up in Christ.  We reach out to our community caring for all people, old and young, rich and poor, men and women, as though we are caring for Christ himself.  We are a church that is interested in both walking the walk and talking the talk.  We invite you to come and share with us so that we can continue to grow together in the love of Christ.

At St. John's we worship in a traditional style and rely on the genius of the church's ancient liturgy to allow us to encounter the living Christ in our own day and age.  Through that encounter, we are enlivened and shaped for mission and ministry in the world, we are filled with abundant peace, joy and life that we then have the opportunity to share with others, and we are restored to fellowship with the God who blesses us richly.  We invite you to come and experience the grace that God shares abundantly with all who come to him in faith.


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